Open Science students, who completed a year-long internship at the Institute of Philosophy of the CAS under the guidance of lecturer Geoffrey Dierckxsens, won first place for their final presentation in the humanities category. Congratulations! 

Petr Urban and Dan Swain gave a keynote lecture at the annual conference 'Ethical Teories - unethical practise' organised by the Slovak Philosophy Association between 19th-21st October 2022 in High Tatra in Slovakia.

Dan Swain a Petr Urban SFZ SAV 2022     

The new international research centre on environmental and technological ethics (CETE-P) to be established in the Czech Republic.

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A new article in open access mode called 'Care Ethics and the Feminist Personalism of Edith Stein' by Petr Urban has been released. 

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Our colleague, Petr Urban, has started his 3 month long visit at Harvard University as a part of the MEMPHIS II project.

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The keynote speaker of this year's Ernst Mach Workshop X, which will take place on July 7-8, is going to be Prof. David Chalmers, and the discussion will center on his latest book, Reality+ (2022). Chalmers himself characterizes his work on the epistemology, metaphysics and ethics of virtual reality as a contribution to "technophilosophy."