Dr Kartik Upadhyaya, a new member of the Department of Applied Philosophy and Ethics, will present his paper with the title "The Aptness of What We Do Together" on the 29th of November 2023 at 10 AM at the Department of Applied Philosophy and Ethics, Celetná 338/38.

Outer Space Security: Ethical conflicts hidden in legal and policy gaps

Abstract: Outer space law isn’t well developed; the main treaty dates back to 1967.  As such, it doesn’t account for modern realities (e.g., space debris) and ambitions (e.g., asteroid mining, off-world bases and colonies).  This lecture will explain where the legal and policy gaps are, which are giving rise to ethical problems and can cause misunderstandings and conflicts.


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Technology Ethics: The many paths for making philosophy practical again 

Abstract: There is a surprisingly large number of ways to do technology ethics.  This lecture will explain the different paths, including the unique strategy and approach of our Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group, one of the most successful in the field internationally.  The goal is to help you find your own path that leverages your competitive strengths and interests.

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Carl CRAVER (Washington University in St. Louis) and Stuart GLENNAN (Butler University) will be the keynote speakers at the Ernst Mach Workshop XI. to be held May 23-24, 2023 at AKC.

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On the 16th of May 2023, Petr and Dan will give a GECOPOL seminar talk with the title 'Social cohesion contested.' The talk is based on a draft book coauthered by Petr and Dan. This seminar is part of Petr's ongoing fellowship at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Geneva.


Open Science students, who completed a year-long internship at the Institute of Philosophy of the CAS under the guidance of lecturer Geoffrey Dierckxsens, won first place for their final presentation in the humanities category. Congratulations! 


Petr Urban and Dan Swain gave a keynote lecture at the annual conference 'Ethical Teories - unethical practise' organised by the Slovak Philosophy Association between 19th-21st October 2022 in High Tatra in Slovakia.

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The new international research centre on environmental and technological ethics (CETE-P) to be established in the Czech Republic.

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